Holly Madison Photo

Holly Madison

TV Personality
The Girls Next Door
LeToya Luckett Photo

LeToya Luckett

Destiny's Child
Jamie Oliver Photo

Jamie Oliver

The Naked Chef

Others in Acting:

Michael Lerner Actor
Barton Fink
Cynthia Geary Actor
Shelly Tambo on Northern Exposure
Tim Considine Actor
My Three Sons
Dale Dye Actor
Warriors, Inc.
David Fincher Film Director
Fight Club
Angus Macfadyen Actor
Marek Kanievska Film Director
Less Than Zero

Others in Music:

Trevor Rabin Guitarist
Guitarist and soundtrack composer
Mick Taylor Guitarist
Ex-Guitarist for the Rolling Stones
Elliott Murphy Musician
Enduring singer/songwriter
Maryanne Amacher Composer
Sound Characters (Making the Third Ear)
Tony Banks Musician
Keyboardist for Genesis
Debbi Peterson Drummer
Drummer for The Bangles
Malcolm Sargent Conductor
Conductor, BBC Symphony, 1950-57

Others in Business:

Mark Thompson Executive
CEO of Fairchild Semiconductor
Klaus Zumwinkel Executive
Chairman of Deutsche Post
James R. Bath Partner
Bush, bin Laden business partner
Susan E. Arnold Executive
Global Business President, Proctor & Gamble
Gratian Attorney
Founder of canon law
Richard Slifka Executive
Vice Chairman of Global Partners
Richard E. Thornburgh Businessman
Credit Suisse First Boston