Spencer Breslin Photo

Spencer Breslin

The Kid
Moby Photo


Electronic Musician
Matt Leinart Photo

Matt Leinart

Heisman Trophy winning quarterback

Others in Acting:

Don Hewitt Film/TV Producer
60 Minutes creator
Dabney Coleman Actor
Moustache from 9 To 5
Mike Wilson Film Director
Michael Moore Hates America
Todd Solondz Film Director
Welcome to the Dollhouse
Charles Farrell Actor
Seventh Heaven
Oliver Stone Film Director
Jeff Perry Actor
Inspector Leek on Nash Bridges

Others in Music:

John Philip Sousa Composer
Stars and Stripes Forever
G. G. Allin Musician
Fabian Singer
50s teen idol, Turn Me Loose
T-Pain Singer
Buy U a Drank
Maurice Ravel Composer
John Phillips Musician
The Mamas and the Papas
Ernest Ansermet Conductor
Founder, Orchestre de la Suisse Romande

Others in Sports:

Frank Layden Basketball
Head Coach, Utah Jazz, 1981-88
Jimmy Piersall Baseball
Crazy center fielder
Alex Hannum Basketball
NBA Hall of Famer
Tom Landry Football
Dallas Cowboys Head Coach, 1960-88
Casey Jones Daredevil
Railroad hero, sort of
Rex Ryan Football
Head Coach, New York Jets
A. G. Spalding Baseball
Baseball player, owner, and manufacturer