Keiko Agena Photo

Keiko Agena

Lane Kim on Gilmore Girls
Jermaine Dupri Photo

Jermaine Dupri

Music Producer
CEO of So So Def Records
Sam Brownback Photo

Sam Brownback

Governor of Kansas

Others in Acting:

Linda Darnell Actor
Star Dust
Alexis Bledel Actor
Rory on Gilmore Girls
Carré Otis Model
Mickey Rourke's ex-wife
Sidney Luft Film/TV Producer
Ex-Husband of Judy Garland
Rosa Blasi Actor
Lu on Strong Medicine
Leora Dana Actor
Some Came Running
Linda Kelsey Actor
Billie Newman on Lou Grant

Others in Music:

Jamie Cullum Singer/Songwriter
Vocalist/pianist jazz-pop singer-songwriter
Soulja Boy Rapper
Crank That (Soulja Boy)
Obie Trice Rapper
Got Some Teeth
Blowfly Rapper
The Original X Rated Rapper
Steve Young Singer/Songwriter
Southern Music songwriter
Bert Kalmar Songwriter
Who's Sorry Now?
Hans Zimmer Musician
The Buggles

Others in Government:

Theodore E. Deutch Politician
Congressman, Florida 19th
Charles X Royalty
King of France, 1824-30
Douglas Applegate Politician
Congressman from Ohio, 1977-95
Tom Reed Politician
Congressman, New York 29th
Ken Salazar Politician
US Secretary of the Interior
Erwin Rommel Military
The Desert Fox
Aly Khan Royalty
Jet-set Ismaili playboy prince