Jonah Hill Photo

Jonah Hill

Kelly Clarkson Photo

Kelly Clarkson

First winner of American Idol
Lisa Murkowski Photo

Lisa Murkowski

US Senator from Alaska

Others in Acting:

Arthur Godfrey Actor
Arthur Godfrey and His Friends
Jack Black Actor
Half of Tenacious D
Traylor Howard Actor
Natalie Teeger on Monk
John McTiernan Film Director
The Hunt for Red October
Doris Lloyd Actor
British-American character actress
Harry Towb Actor
Northern Irish stage and film actor
Lauren Jones TV Personality

Others in Music:

Jill Scott Singer
R&B "Neo Soul"" singer"
Gabriel Fauré Composer
Ian Curtis Singer
Lead singer of Joy Division
Phew Musician
Frontwoman for Japanese punk band Aunt Sally
Luigi Dallapiccola Composer
Canti di Prigionia
Gaetano Donizetti Composer
Lucia di Lammermoor
Ignace Paderewski Pianist
Polish pianist and composer

Others in Government:

Al Green Politician
Congressman, Texas 9th
Harry K. Thomas Diplomat
US Ambassador to Bangladesh, 2003-05
Clifford G. Bond Diplomat
US Ambassador to Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2001-04
George Akerson Official
First White House Press Secretary
David Goodfriend Official
Democratic strategist
Pierce Butler Politician
Twice US Senator from South Carolina
Anthony A. Lapham Official
CIA General Counsel, 1976-79