Melissa Peterman Photo

Melissa Peterman

Barbra Jean on Reba
Pete Yorn Photo

Pete Yorn

Thaddeus McCotter Photo

Thaddeus McCotter

Congressman, Michigan 11th

Others in Acting:

Robert Llewellyn Actor
Kryten in BBC comedy sci-fi series Red Dwarf
Anthea Turner TV Personality
UK TV host with flammable hair
William Katt Actor
Greatest American Hero
Lex Barker Actor
The tenth to play Tarzan
Charlie Rose Talk Show Host
Charlie Rose Show
Pooch Hall Actor
Derwin Davis on The Game
Gordon Currie Actor
Left Behind

Others in Music:

Gary Langan Electronic Musician
Art of Noise
Townes Van Zandt Singer/Songwriter
For the Sake of the Song
Tomaso Albinoni Composer
Adagio in G minor
Isadora Duncan Dancer
Mother of modern dance
Glenn Miller Musician
Popular bandleader and trombonist
Rachel Stevens Musician
In UK pop band S Club 7
Justin Sane Musician
Lead singer of Anti-Flag

Others in Government:

Flemming L. Norcott, Jr. Judge
Justice, Connecticut Supreme Court
Rodrigo Rato Official
IMF managing director
Kathryn E. Granahan Politician
Congresswoman from Pennsylvania, 1956-63
Walter J. Cummings Judge
7th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1966-99
Antoninus Pius Royalty
Roman Emperor, 138-161 AD
Mary Ann G. McMorrow Judge
Illinois Chief Justice, 2002-06
Deborah Sampson Military
Woman who fought in US Revolutionary War