Peter Guber Photo

Peter Guber

Film/TV Producer
Mandalay Entertainment
Busta Rhymes Photo

Busta Rhymes

Woo-Hah! Got You All In Check
John Thune Photo

John Thune

US Senator from South Dakota

Others in Acting:

Scarlett Johansson Actor
Ghost World, Lost in Translation
Gary Sandy Actor
Andy Travis on WKRP
Ian Richardson Actor
House of Cards
Dominique Dunne Actor
Maureen O'Hara Actor
Miracle on 34th Street
Darren E. Burrows Actor
Ed Chigliak on Northern Exposure
Rita Wilson Actor
Runaway Bride

Others in Music:

Alberta Hunter Singer
Downhearted Blues
Bird McIntyre Singer
Thai pop star
Ashanti Singer
Deryck Whibley Singer
Vocalist, Sum 41
Henry Rollins Musician
Black Flag
Brian McKnight Musician
R&B singer, songwriter and producer
Paul Williams Singer
The Temptations

Others in Government:

Eldon Dean Rudd Politician
Congressman from Airzona, 1977-87
Barbara Hackman Franklin Official
US Secretary of Commerce, 1992-93
Alan H. Bible Politician
US Senator from Nevada, 1954-74
John McCone Official
CIA Director, 1961-65
Roy Moore Judge
Alabama Chief Justice, 2000-03
Louis IV Royalty
King of France, 936-54
Everett Sanders Politician
Congressman from Indiana, 1917-25