Seth MacFarlane Photo

Seth MacFarlane

Creator of Family Guy
Thomas Wesley Pentz Photo

Thomas Wesley Pentz

Disc Jockey
Philly-based DJ and songwriter
Landon Donovan Photo

Landon Donovan

Forward, Los Angeles Galaxy

Others in Acting:

Ed Wood Film Director
Plan 9 From Outer Space
Jami Gertz Actor
Muffy on Square Pegs
Parley Baer Actor
Chester on Gunsmoke radio
Gloria Dickson Actor
They Won't Forget
Bill Forsyth Film Director
Local Hero
Jason Gray-Stanford Actor
Lt. Disher on Monk
Claudette Colbert Actor
It Happened One Night

Others in Music:

Carter Burwell Composer
Composer for all Coen Bros films
Travis McCoy Singer
Lead singer, Gym Class Heroes
Carl Nielsen Composer
The Four Temperaments
Chet Forrest Songwriter
Eddie Money Singer/Songwriter
Take Me Home Tonight
Dennis Wilson Musician
Founding member, The Beach Boys
Mic Geronimo Musician
Shit's Real

Others in Sports:

Gary Kubiak Football
Head Coach, Houston Texans
Scott Linehan Football
Offensive Coordinator, Detroit Lions
Prince Fielder Baseball
Milwaukee Brewers
Roy Keane Soccer
Celtic FC
Ellsworth Vines Tennis
Winner of 6 Grand Slam titles
Leo Durocher Baseball
Leo the Lip
Len Bias Basketball
Boston Celtics draft pick, died of cocaine OD